WHU Startup – StrategyFrame®

WHU Startup – StrategyFrame®

The strategy myth is disenchanted! From now on, managers can take the development of strategies into their own hands. StrategyFrame® offers all strategy makers clear, practical and comprehensive process support – from planning to success control.

StrategyFrame® consists of two components: The analog component is the book ‘Hope is not a strategy’ (Campus- Verlag), by the author duo Christian Underwood (PTMBA 2012) and WHU Professor Jürgen Weigand. This part is ba- sed on the ‘workflow learning approach’: People learn best by ‘learning-by-doing’ and while going through the com- plete strategy process. This comprises eight steps, starting with planning and analysis through to strategy formulation and its implementation and adjustment. Complementary

to this: The digital strategy tool StrategyFrame®, which
is a cloud-based SaaS solution. Customers can collect
and analyze data and in addition they have the option of
booking certified consultants, so-called strategy makers, via the platform as needed – for example, for the moderation of individual workshops or a final formulation check for internal communication purposes. The Strategy-Frame®-service

is designed primarily for companies in the range of approx. 250 to 5,000 employees. The faces behind Strategy- Frame® are Christian, Jürgen and Oliver Kern (EMBA 2010), three experts for corporate strategy and realignment from consulting, science and business.

Christian and Jürgen have also been hosts of the podcast ‘HOFFNUNG IST KEINE STRATEGIE’, which is one of the leading management formats in the German-speaking environment. Take a listen!