#08 Steffen Bersch: The strategic journey of the SSI SCHÄFER Group

#08 Steffen Bersch: The strategic journey of the SSI SCHÄFER Group

A look behind the scenes of a global family business  

 In this English-language episode of "HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY," we take you on an exciting journey recorded live at StrategySummit 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Steffen Bersch, CEO of SSI SCHÄFER Group, shares fascinating insights into the strategic development of the company in a Fireside Chat with Christian Underwood.  

Experience how the SSI SCHAEFER Group is dealing with current trends and challenges. In a time of volatility, the global company has had to cope with events such as the Corona crisis, the supply chain crisis and even a cyberattack over the past year and a half. The latter temporarily forced the company to disconnect its entire organization from the Internet - an unprecedented scenario.  

What influence did all these events have on the strategy of the SSI SCHÄFER Group? How is it possible to develop a successful strategy, implement it and continuously stick to it and develop it further? As a family business, the SSI SCHAEFER Group strives for sustainable technology leadership despite all the challenges.  

At the end of the talk, Steffen Bersch provides an outlook on the future and the role that AI systems can and will play in it. Be curious about these exciting insights!  

Don't miss this valuable episode and dive into the world of a global company and its strategic work. Listen in and find out what's going on behind the scenes!