#11 Human is the next big thing: The Birkman Method's Role in Strategy and Leadership

#11 Human is the next big thing: The Birkman Method's Role in Strategy and Leadership

In this episode of "Hope is Not a Strategy" Christian Underwood is interviewing Sharon Birkman, Owner and Chair of the Board of Birkman International. We delve deep into the world of strategy and leadership. Join us as we explore the essence and uniqueness of the Birkman method, a transformative assessment approach that enhances deeper self-awareness as well as awareness for the needs of others. Learn how that has the potential to bring your strategy from creation to a successful implementation.

Discover the fascinating history of the Birkman method, pioneered by Dr. Roger Birkman starting his entrepreneurship in the fifties. Learn how this method, designed to boost efficiency and healthy relationships within organizations, has evolved over the years and ultimately becoming the first online assessment tool which is today still driven by innovation and its own core purpose: people.

Explore the crucial role of understanding motivation and relationships in achieving success, particularly in today's landscape, where Generation Z seeks meaningful work and purpose. Sharon Birkman also hints at exciting innovations becoming a key tool for personal and professional development.

Gain concrete insights from Sharon Birkman herself on the transformative strength of human connection for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Join us in this insightful exploration of the Birkman method's transformative power and learn how it enhance the values and purpose of your organization. In the realm of strategy the human factor is indeed the next big thing.



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